Video Count has Grown

Hello All

It has been an amazing few months with the Markom3D Youtube Channel going a lot. There are a lot of new tutorials up on Blender 2.8, new courses in the works and I am making VR game at the moment. If you can, Click on the link below, and let it play through over night just so I can get my hours watched up.

Thank you



Unreal Engine Tutorials Begin

I have started creating Unreal Engine Tutorials. These are mainly for myself as so I know what to do when I need it. I have kept them very short and direct to the point as I dont need any fluff in my video.

Let me know what you think

Also the Winner of the Auto-Rig Pro addon has been selected and an email has been sent out to the winner.

Scifi Fighter 3D model Free Download

Below is the time lapse of the creation of this scifi fighter. It is also available to download for free. Please make sure you subscribe to the and to the YouTube Channel. This model took about three hours to make.



Download Model Here