Adventures of Adventures – Red Dragon – Lights Canberra Action 2018

Unfortunately I was unsuccessful this year to get into Lights Canberra Action. There will always be next year. Below is what I completed from start to finish in ten days. If you would like further details on how I achieved this, I do have a course on Udemy.

I will be already now onto the next project which will be a 3D walk through of the Tabernacle. The modeling has been created but I would like to update the textures and make in look prettier in the Unreal Engine.

Thank you





Home Stretch – LCA 2018

I am now on the home stretch for Lights Canberra Action 2018. My animation has been completed and had it’s first test screening with positive results. I am just going to have a few more people give it a once over just to make sure I haven’t missed anything.


After This project, I will be start a live action short film, with plenty of Tutorials coming out


Lights Canberra Action 2018 – Two Days in

The items for Lights Canberra Action 2018 have been announced, and have put my scripting into disarray. It took me about thirty mins to update the script, and have now recorded my audio. Recording the audio took about two hours, in between the giggling that I was doing to myself with the crazy voices. The next night I got onto the computer pretty late, but I manged to get almost two minutes of animation for the one character, and bits and pieces for the other. So far so good, and I am getting excited with what I see. I will do another update mid week, which I am hoping that I have a rough edit of the animation done.

Dice, Camera, Action Ep 80 Fan Animation


As some of you may know, I am a big fan of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Below is an Animatoion that I did and it took me about 10 hours in total to put together this animation in blender.

I did already have the four characters created, but it was mainly animating and doing the mouths that took a while. It is currently 2am on a Sunday night/Monday morning.

Dice, Camera, Action livestream from Wizards of the Coast. Streaming on every Tuesday 4pm – 6pm Pacific time.

Although the animation is a little rough, and it could be better, it was more just to get back into as Lights Canberra Action is coming up soon…. thats kinda ironic.

Closing Things Off

Hello all

Let me just start off by putting out there that if you are after some awesome assets for doing infomercials please visit Design Shock.

For next year, there will be a few things going on. I am currently working on a new course using dynamic paint in blender, also I am part of a star wars fan film which I will be alsi doing a tutorial on. 

I have also began planning a live action short film by myself. I am currently working on defending my title of best animation at lights canberra action.

I wish you all a happy New Year

Thank you