Crazy Render Times

Some of these animation are taking 23 hours to render out 700 frames using my GTX 980. I am constantly looking on ebay for another cheap GTX 980 to speed up the process. Here are some frames from the music video that I am creating for “Fossil Rabbit”

Music Video – Scifi


So I have started creating another short film for a local film festival again called “Jumpcuts”. I am using a local band and will be kinda basing it off “The Chemical Brothers” video clip,, “Star Guitar”

Full Success – Lights Canberra Action 2017

Hello All

I can now say that I have created an award winning film. Adventures of Adventurers won best animation for Lights Canberra Action 2017 where we had ten days and had to use ten objects around Canberra. I had a few sleepless nights, but I got there in the end. This is short is based off the DnD podcast Aussies and Dragons. Please enjoy the film below.

My next project will be to create a music video for a local band here in Canberra, by the end of the month. Lets see how that goes

Completion of LCA – Part 3

My word I put a few hours into the short film. On Saturday, I was upto 2am working hard trying to finish everything off. Last night/this morning at 4am  I submitted the film and now it is the waiting game. What I love about LCA is that the films are screened this Friday, which mean that it will not take long to find out if I am in. It has been 8 years since I first submitted a film so hopefully I will be getting in this year.

I will provide the short here after Friday night.

Halfway Through LCA – Part 2

Hello All

I have yet to go to bed before midnight this week, and we are only half way through, so there are still a few more late nights. My Facebook feed came up with this time seven years ago was my first entry in LCA. Hopefully this year will be my year. Below are some screenshots of someone the characters being suss.

Normally when I am creating a short film, it is about now where I am starting to get sick of animating and wanting to move onto the next project. I am though far too excited over this one and just cant wait for the end result. If I can get ten comments on this post, I will give away the source files to this animation.

Thank you for the Support