New Course is Coming and Free Coupons

Hello All

With the end of my new short film in sight, and a new course to be released soon, I am providing a 50 Free Coupons to each my already popular courses. Please feel free to pass these on to your friends and also have them sign up to the Follow via Email option so they do not miss out for other exclusive content.

Making an Animated Short Film with Blender

Creating an Info-graphic Animation in Blender

2D Character Design in Blender

Please feel free to leave comments on anything that you would like to see in the future.

Thank you for your support.

On the Final Straight

Hello All

So I have now fully animated about 60% of the short, 20% blocked out, and the other 20% still needs to be done. Render times are super fast so I am not concerned about that, but I think I will need to go through and change the colors a little bit so it is more fitting. Below are some screen grabs from the short.