Unreal Engine 4

Hello all

Just having a play again with Unreal Engine 4. I think it is time that I put some effort into it. I have ideas, I have plans, just need to learn.

New Course Coming Soon

Hey Guys

My new Udemy course will be coming out soon. It will be called “Creating a 2D animation in Blender”. It will use the characters from the “2D Character Design in Blender” course that is also available on Udemy. There are so many benefits to creating a 2D animation such as
– Less bones to animate
– Quicker to setup
– Produce results faster
– Render times greatly decrease
– Mouth animations can be achieved faster.

The course will also provide all the .blend files from my recent short film “Adventures of Adventurers – the beginnings”

Thank you


CSFF – Short Submitted

It has taken me just over a month to complete, but I have finally put forward my entry into the Canberra Short Film Festival. I will know in a months time if I was successful. I will release the short film after it is hopefully screened at the festival.

Once I have reached over 500 followers, I will release all my files for the animation.

Just a heads up, I will soon be releasing another Udemy course soon on creating an 2D animation.