What can I do for you?

Hello All

I am looking for ideas for what would be more relevant for you all. I am working on two short films at the moment, however teaching is my primary passion at the moment. I would like to just know what is relevant to you as the audience and what is that you would like to learn? Below are some ideas that I have.

  • Motion Tracking in Blender
  • Green Screen in Blender
  • Create a modular system level in Blender
  • Creating a short film by yourself
  • Blender to Substance Painter to Unreal 4

Please let me know if any of these appeal to you, or if there is something else that you would like to learn. Please also don’t for get to subscribe on the left hand side.

Thank you


9 thoughts on “What can I do for you?

  1. Marien says:

    Loved the course om creating an infographic, but like to to see more and more detail. I could follow it but only becasue I had done some other courses. Motion graphics and creating your own short movie would be of interest too…


  2. Sureet says:

    a complete in-depth tutorial on Cycles rendering, and the nodes. I have looked for many tutorials, I have not found, not even one tutorial that is easy to understand.


  3. Jon says:

    You do know that Blender build 2.8 has a “denoise” button feature. It works
    I have tested it. There is info for it in youtube if you search 1 vid discusses Blender build 2.8. Anyway, useful for getting rid of fireflies in short films and such. And, doing
    science fiction graphics for really cool short films. I know that Cycles is really up and coming in Rendering and speed (as they keep updating Blender and Cycles). So, by build 2.8 or so it will be even more awesome. It, is already very good.
    I’m hoping Cycles is top and just as fluid in speed rendering so films can be a breeze creating.
    But, you may want to look at render’s and speed vs quality.
    And, in the short, maybe in the 2.8 or later build class you do on a short film for Blender discuss the current 2.8 rendering/speed and add a short section alternative (how to install renderman etc) if it’s needed. Science Fiction or Horror
    Film might be interesting. Do go over length and time(It’s fun to make a film in Blender but it would be even cooler if we could get it up to the half hour mark.
    (But, rendering 😦 , that’s why the fact that Blender is updating so often may solve this)


    • I would love to create a longer film. What I am doing at the moment is creating a bunch of short films that flow into each other, and at the end, I will have a longer film. Doing the 2D animation is great for this as technically if I put all my effort into the one project, I can knock out an 5 minute animation within 10 days. I have written part 2, but currently awaiting friends to look over the script


    • Jon says:

      Please elaborate more on green screen I know how you use it to project an actor/character into a video you may want to add a section on this into what I mentioned above on film.


  4. Jon says:

    if you download Blender 2.8 just remember to save it to another spot and and only load your rendering saved file to it as it’s not stable yet. So you would still need to have build 2.78 as the workhorse. So you don’t lose your work.


  5. mattneputin says:

    “Creating a short film by yourself” Is appealing to me. Especially if it covered pre-production and storyboarding too and was software agnostic.


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