Blender UV Mapping – Complete Guide to UV Mapping in Blender

Blender UV Mapping – Complete Guide to UV Mapping in Blender

In this course, you will follow my process of UV Unwrapping and Mapping complex objects in Blender for 3D assets.

For the very beginners, I will provide a list of great YouTube tutorials that explains the fundamentals as well as tips that can be used when UV Mapping.

This course provides different projects and ways to go about unwrapping and mapping to models. By following along with each project, you will learn the best ways to provide great looking maps and textures to your 3D models in Blender.

Unwrapping and Mapping a Car in 3D

We will begin the course with UV unwrapping a car using view projections. You will create a readable UV layout so that you understand what you are looking at when looking at the image.

Complex Scifi Shotgun

Next you will unwrap a full scifi shotgun with multiple complex object and go through the way I approach this task. You will use various methods, and then combine the multiple objects and create one UV that covers one fifth of the gun. You will also discuss stretching the UV map and how to avoid these issues.

High Poly to Low Poly Meshes

From here you will get a high poly model of a door frame, with emitters, and then rework the mesh to just 10% of the original mesh. You will then go through the process of baking the Diffuse, Normal’s, Glossy, emission and ambient occlusion.

Low Poly Character Mapping

To finish, you will UV unwrap a low poly character that will be avaiable to download.

This course is the absolute best way to learn the methods of working with maps in your 3D models. By doing so, you are guaranteed a much better model with properly placed textures for your games, movies, or projects.

Enroll now in this course and get started!

Blender UV Mapping – Complete Guide to UV Mapping in Blender


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