I have currently been using Blender for three years with a focus on hard surface modelling and animation. Blender has appealed to me as my primary tool as there is such a strong community that follows it. There are always people to help, as well as people available to help.

I have a background in acting and creating short films for over a decade. This is what made me change to a 3D artist. I wanted to continue to work with film, but at my own pace. Working with film makers meant that I would need to revolve around their schedule, where as a 3D artist, I am able to go at my own pace and have more control over what I produce.

I am also currently a instructor on Udemy with two courses. Below are coupons to each.

Creating an Info-graphic Animation in Blender

Making an Animated Short Film with Blender

I am currently running a podcast for Dungeons and Dragons called Aussies and Dragons. We publish a new episode every Sunday, aswell as I run one off campaigns on Roll20.

I am currently Married with two children under the age of 5, and Family is the most important thing to myself. This was another reason why become a 3D animator appealed to me as it would not interfere with family life.

Through out my life I have already achieve many of my goals that I have. At the moment my life goal is to work on a feature film one day and be able to tell people “I made that” and to be proud of what I have accomplished.