Brekel Body v2 Review – markerless motion capture

I created a review to show the power of the 3d motion capture application Brekel and its use in Blender.

Using an XBox One Kinect, I was able to capture motion capture data, and import it back intoi Blender. After the installation, I used the default settings to quickly get setup and start capturing the data.

I also user the paid Blender add-on called Auto-Rig Pro.


Also I have a new pdcast going called Aussies and Dragons which is a 5e D&D one-shot.


Which is the high poly?

Hello All

This is a model that I have been working on for a game, and of course I have had to go from high poly to low. One of these has 173 faces, whilst the other has 1 305. Can you guess which one?


If you would like for me to show you the process of going from high to low, and then re texture, please let me know.

Thank you


360 Star Wars – Droid Maintenance – Fanfilm VR


Droid Maintenance is a Star Wars Fan Film that I created. There were plenty of challenges that I came up against such as created 2D effects and converting them into 360.

There is over 5k frames and I was rendering about 4 mins a frame. That is just under a fortnight of rendering. The quality should be a lot higher, but I just dont have that much time.


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Old Thin Man – Short film

Hello All

I have created a short film in the span of two days that is now completed, and on it way into the Canberra Short Film Festival, aswell as GammaCon.

I have been playing with the idea of motion capture, but due to work, I will have to postpone that idea to a later time. I do hope that I am able to create a scifi film by the end of the year

I will be releasing a few 8k 360 hdri images soon to my subscribers, so please keep an eye out for that one.

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Free SciFi Modular Level Set

Hello All

I have been busy recently with a lot of projects, and having changed jobs, I now get to work in Blender every day, as well as Unity/Unreal as well as Adobe CC. I have also had the opportunity to focus on VR filming, and hopefully within the week, I will have my first VR film released.

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