Communal Choose your own Adventure – D&D – Short film

Hey guys

I have created a short film that is just under 5 mins long with an open ending. This is where I want you guys to come in. Watch the short film in the link below, and tell me what happens next. I will take one or a few suggestions and create part 2 and so on. I think this can be real fun and lets just see how crazy things can get.

Thank you


New Course Coming Soon

Hey Guys

My new Udemy course will be coming out soon. It will be called “Creating a 2D animation in Blender”. It will use the characters from the “2D Character Design in Blender” course that is also available on Udemy. There are so many benefits to creating a 2D animation such as
– Less bones to animate
– Quicker to setup
– Produce results faster
– Render times greatly decrease
– Mouth animations can be achieved faster.

The course will also provide all the .blend files from my recent short film “Adventures of Adventurers – the beginnings”

Thank you


CSFF – Short Submitted

It has taken me just over a month to complete, but I have finally put forward my entry into the Canberra Short Film Festival. I will know in a months time if I was successful. I will release the short film after it is hopefully screened at the festival.

Once I have reached over 500 followers, I will release all my files for the animation.

Just a heads up, I will soon be releasing another Udemy course soon on creating an 2D animation.