Old Thin Man – Short Film

Hello All

I am releasing this short film to subscribers of my blog before I release this on Youtube, four days early. Please watch my shortfilm “Old Thin Man” and let me know what you think.

This is the story of an Old Thin Man and how he copes with the loss of an item

This short film was created in only a few hours, which went from writing, recording the audio, to animating.

If you would like to know how I did this, you goto my Udemy courses below.

Create a 2D Animation with Blender

2D Character Design in Blender




Also I have a new pdcast going called Aussies and Dragons which is a 5e D&D one-shot.


Which is the high poly?

Hello All

This is a model that I have been working on for a game, and of course I have had to go from high poly to low. One of these has 173 faces, whilst the other has 1 305. Can you guess which one?


If you would like for me to show you the process of going from high to low, and then re texture, please let me know.

Thank you